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What We Offer


Jumping Beans 

Fun, child-centered activities support brain development while helping your toddler learn essential safety skills in line with their new level of mobility. We focus on things like safe grips and motor planning to help enhance agility and prevent accidents.

Terms and Conditions Apply.


Swimming Lessons

We provide our older tamariki the chance to attend swimming lessons at Hilton Brown Swimming once a week. This takes the stress off parents to take their children to swimming each week.

Terms and Conditions Apply.


High Five Club

We also offer the high five club for children who are not far off transitioning to school or for those children that are interest in letter recognition. We provide them with basic before school learning such as reading, writing and letter recognition in a fun way. We also allow them to make their lunch from scratch once a week. 

Program Planning


Individual Plans 

Individualised planning are made specially for each child. As we get to know your child we learn their interests and dispositions. We incorporate these into their  learning journey such as learning stories and spontaneous learning experiences.



We use Storypark to digitally document your childs learning. We post individual and group learning stories for parents to read and see.


Parent Interactive
Facebook Page 

We also have a parent interactive page on Facebook that brings our River Kids community together. This is also where we post all our notices for your convience. 

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